The Art Group.

This community group meets in St Anne's church on Monday afternoons during term-time.  The class begins at 2pm and usually finishes at approximately 4pm.

The group is both social and educational.  It is a self-help group which allows its members to pursue their own interests.

Unfortunately, due to space restriction, the group cannot take on more members at present, but they do have a waiting list. 

For more information telephone
the church office 01543 685764


The Art Group during 2018 has yet once again completed another good year with maximum membership and high attendance figures.

A vacancy did arise later this year but was quickly filled by someone who had been patiently waiting to join us on the waiting list since August 2016!

There are no vacancies at the moment and we do still have a waiting list 

Our annual August Exhibition was very successful and provided many complements on the interesting paintings on display.

There are pictures on display throughout the year during church opening times.

We did have to cancel only one Monday meeting in November due to snow and ice conditions.

As usual we completed the year with a one hundred percent turn-out for the annual Christmas Dinner at the Wych Elm !


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