A prayer as we develop our building
Living God,
Thank you for the wonderful building at St Anne’s
which has been handed down to us
Please guide us as we think and pray
about the future of our church and the building
Please help us to listen well,
to each other, to you and to the wider community.
May our decision making help us to grow in love, faith and hope.
Please build your church and your kingdom in us and through us
In Jesus name we pray.  Amen                                                                                                                                                                        Richard Westwood 2 Feb 2017

Building Development -  On 6 Feb the PCC met with Bryan Martyn, our church architect to discuss plans for the future of St Anne’s Building.  The meeting went well and there was general agreement on a number of key areas. 

Here is a summary of the discussion which took place…

ðRichard thanked all the PCC and members of the church for the way in which everyone had conducted the discussions about the building development.  People had listened to one another and shared views well in a kind manner.  This was excellent - please carry on in this way
ðThe PCC reviewed the outcomes from the open church meeting of 1st Feb where there was broad agreement that there was a need to
… improve heating and kitchen facilities
… if at all possible, keep the office facilities downstairs
… allow a space for prayer in the main church (side aisle)
… remove pews and provide comfortable, flexible seating
… have better toilets (downstairs)

ðBryan Martin reminded the PCC that the building is Grade II* and that this would mean there would be restrictions on what was permissible by the Diocesan Advisory Committee and other bodies who have a role in granting permission.  This is especially the case for any alterations to the exterior of the building.

ðBy the end of the meeting there was a consensus that…
… after the redevelopment the building should allow multiple use of rooms at the same time (e.g. a meeting in one room at the same time as a different activity in the main worship space)
… we should investigate having a ‘day chapel’ on the site of the current choir vestry available for use whenever the church building is open – possible using some of the pews and other ‘heritage features’ features of the church
…we should also keep a ‘prayer space’ within the main worship area (what people refer to as a Lady Chapel) so that prayer ministry, candle lighting and quiet prayer can happen
  smoothly during Sunday worship
… the office, toilets and kitchen should all be downstairs
… there was a need for a lift
… the pews would need to be removed in order to allow for underfloor heating, and to allow for more comfortable, stackable seating.

ðBryan Martin agreed to produce some new plans with these ideas in mind and report back to the PCC on 6 March 2017
Please keep praying about the building development and talking to one another about it. You may like to use the prayer below.
Richard Westwood  6 Feb 2017

Building Development Meeting: Monday 26 February 2018

Summary Notes

Archdeacon Simon Baker, Ms Kristina Williamson (DAC), Gordon Cain (Quantity Surveyor), Bryan Martin (Architect)  and from St Anne’s Carol Thomas, Sheila Murphy, Anita Brookes, Terry Smith and Richard Westwood
Apologies had been received from Pat Evemy ( Lichfield Diocese Funding Advisor)

Summary of discussion:
Richard outlined the history of plans for development of St Anne’s Building over the last 5 years
Bryan introduced the most recent drawings and Gordon highlighted the finances of the current plans.  It was noted that the DAC had given faculty permission for the removal of the pews following an earlier application, if plans were also in place for the alteration s to the area re-ordered in the 1980’s, but that this permission had now expired.  The fact that such a permission had been granted suggests that a faculty for this in the future is likely to be granted, within a scheme which explains the reason for the alterations requested.
All present were in agreement at the remarkable design of St Anne’s building and the possibilities it has for creative development.  The latest plans were welcomed and affirmed by all present.  It was noted that the plans required no alterations to the externals of the church and that the changes proposed would be improving and amending an existing (1980s) alteration which was not enhancing the buildings character. 

Archdeacon Simon:
Expressed warm encouragement for the scope and vision of the plans.  He suggested that the reasons for changing the church building would benefit from a slight change of emphasis:- HIt is important to stress the potential  benefit to the wider community, as well as the benefit to the church fellowship.  He reminded the group that these proposed changes may be highly desirable but are not essential in the short term, so the church needs to be clear about why it wants to undertake a building project of this size and cost – tying the need for the change to the vision of the church for the future.  It is important that the scheme improves and enhances the church building.  The Statement of Need would need to stress a clear vision of community transformation which makes clear specific circumstances for access to the community, and the benefits.

Richard Westwood  27 Feb 2018