Open Doors Fellowship is so called because it is open to ladies of any or no denomination.

We meet from March to mid December at 2pm on Wednesdays in St Anne's Church choir vestry.

 We have a mixture of interesting talks by different charities, including three charities of which we donate.

We also have shared meals for special birthdays, tea and chat afternoons, members' afternoons, and 'afternoon teas'.

Our aim is to share love and fellowship with each other, especially with those of us who can't get to church very often.

Anyone wishing to join please contact Lorna on 01543 686882.

Open Doors Easter Cards.JPG

The photograph above shows the ladies making Easter Cards.

OPEN DOORS FELLOWSHIP 2018 began its new season on Wednesday 18th April, at 2pm.  We are a fellowship group meeting in the choir vestry at St Anne's Church running from Easter to Christmas.

We begin our meetings with a hymn and a prayer.  This is followed by a speaker giving a short talk.  Most of the speakers are from our local churches and chapels.  We close this part of the meeting with a hymn and the Grace.  We then conclude with a cuppa and time for a cat.

During the year, on special occasions, we indulge in an afternoon tea, or a fish and chip lunch.