The Parish News is our monthly church magazine and is produced by St Anne's Church.  It seeks to be a means of communication to our congregation and a means of sharing and learning about each others Christian journeys.

As well as articles and diary dates the magazine also includes recipes and puzzles.

We, at St Anne's, will produce our monthly magazine for 11 months of the year, there will still be a magazine in January. 

The yearly subscription, for the combined 11 copies, is £5.

We are always looking for people to put pen to paper with either an article, a poem, or just a joke.

To subscribe to the Parish News contact the Parish Office on 01543 686111.

 In 2018 it was decided to increase the price to 50p per issue. I have to say that with this move we may have lost some of our subscribers. The previous magazine had been priced at 35p.

For another year the magazine has managed to keep the number of pages. The page numbers have varied from 48 to 60. 60 pages is the maximum number that the photocopier’s stapler can take. For most of the year the photocopier has given good service although at Christmas we had to resort to the use of our collating team. At present we let the photocopier do the whole process although having a team of people to collate does mean the whole process can been done in 45 minutes whilst using the photocopier takes 5 - 6 hours.

If the magazine is to continue we need:

·         More people to put pen to paper

·         More subscribers

·         More advertisers

·We would like more people to take on the delivery of magazines as a number of people are showing signs of age

The magazine still has the opportunity for subscribers to pay £25 to have a photo of their choice on the cover. We originally did this for the 150th anniversary. Now we already have the whole of 2018 covered and the first for next year. All we ask is that the photo is of good quality.

At present we only have a140 subscribers, we could do with more people. If you are happy with the magazine why not recommend it to friends and neighbours. This does raise the question of offering a digital version and the use of the church web site.

Finally, a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has supported the Parish News through the past 12 months and hopefully see you next year.