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In September 2018 St Anne's Parochial Church Council reviewed their policy for:-

Protecting Children and Vulnerable People.

Safeguarding Policy.

St Anne’s Church fully recognises its responsibilities for protection of the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adults. The Church of England is committed to encouraging an environment where all people, and especially those who may be vulnerable for any reason, are able to worship and pursue their faith journey with encouragement and in safety.  Our aim is that everyone, whether they see themselves as vulnerable or not, will receive respectful pastoral ministry recognizing       any     power imbalance within such relationships.  We will seek to offer sensitive and informed pastoral care to anyone who has suffered abuse, including support to make a complaint if so desired:  help to find appropriate specialist care either from the church or secular agencies will be offered.

This policy sets out our commitment to the safeguarding of vulnerable adults and the activities that we believe are relevant at this stage of the life of the church.

It applies to all employees and volunteers working for the Church.  There are a number of principles and activities that contribute to our approach at this time:

The PCC will review this policy and its procedures annually in the month of September.   

Anita Joy Brookes is our approved Child Protection Co-ordinator from the Calendar year 2011.


The Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults:-

1.       In its work with people in the parish, the church is aware that many of the people it seeks to help may be traumatised and vulnerable in a number of ways.  The church will seek to ensure that any power imbalance is recognised and the negative effect is minimised;       

2.       Our approach will be regularly reviewed by the PCC, to ensure that our activities are appropriate;  

3.      All concerns will be taken seriously by the PCC.  Any allegations of mistreatment, abuse, harassment or bullying will be responded to;

4.       In the first instance the Team Vicar (Chair of the PCC) will take overall responsibility for all issues of the protection of vulnerable adults in collaboration with the Safeguarding Co-ordinator of the Parochial Church Council of St Anne’s Church;

5.       Every employee or volunteer who plans to engage in work, in an officially sanctioned capacity, with children and/or vulnerable adults will be vetted, including a Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS), or, as required, and Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) check.  This includes work in the UK such as care homes, individual home visits etc.;

6.       All people who will visit adults who may be vulnerable will undertake appropriate training with regard to the protection of vulnerable adults as a part of this preparation;

7.       The PCC will put in place training for all involved in authorised pastoral visiting to ensure best practice is followed;

8.       St Anne’s Church recognises that some of the people, who may volunteer for the roles within the life of the church, may themselves be vulnerable.  Prior to engaging in any work amongst vulnerable adults, all volunteers will undergo orientation and training in order to help them be prepared for their visit and practice good self care.  Whilst involved in this work, efforts will be made to offer appropriate support and care for any volunteers who need it.

9.       All workers, volunteers and PCC Members will seek to learn about the protection of vulnerable adults in accordance with, and as appropriate, to their roles and responsibilities.

The Safeguarding of Children and Young People-

The PCC will take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of the children and young people for whom it bears responsibility.

Rev. Richard Westwood, (Team Vicar), will be responsible for overseeing the Youth and Children’s work and will:-

            ·       Support all the team involved in Children and Youth work;

            ·       Ensure Children and Youth groups are suitably staffed;

            ·       Ensure Children and Youth groups are sufficiently resourced;

           ·        Provide training opportunities for those involved with children and youth as                                    appropriate.

 10.     The PCC is directly responsible for the following groups which include children and young people:-


                    Jesus Loves Me group

                    Messy Church

                    Tuesday Hub

11.     The following groups who use the church rooms will satisfy the PCC that they have a child protection policy:-


                     Gan Teideal   

 12.     Validation: Leaders aged 18 or over working with children and young people:-

           · Before appointment or the continuation of any appointment,   appointees will need to have had clearance by the Disclosure and Barring Service and completed a Self Declaration Form;

13.     Churchwardens and key holders to Church property will satisfy the requirements, (in paragraph 12 above);

14.     Completed declaration forms and references will be confidential to, and securely held by the Incumbent or, in the event of a vacancy, by the Rural Dean or Archdeacon;

15.     The PCC will use the Disclosure and Barring Service for checking ‘leaders,           churchwardens and key holders’ criminal records. This will be done via the Lichfield                     Diocesan approved route;

16.     The PCC requires groups, (groups listed in paragraph 10 above), to provide, in writing, at

          least the following:-

          ·       a list of its current leaders and details of their roles, provision for training and support.

          ·       when and where the group meets, its normal working pattern and the age range it                            covers.

17.     The PCC will make available training in child protection. Such training is presently co-ordinated through the Diocesan Child Protection Officers: Kim Hodges/Neil Spiring;

18.     The PCC will publish on the notice boards at the back of church and in the  church rooms, a copy of the Diocesan Child Protection Flow Chart.  In addition, all validated leaders and key holders will be given a copy.

19.     The PCC will work to section 2 of the Lichfield Diocesan Child Protection Policy

20.     The PCC will carry public liability insurance and will insure all leaders and staff for        personal accident.

21.     The PCC will make a copy of this policy and its procedures available, if  requested, at           the Archdeacon’s visitation.

22.     This Policy and its procedures will be monitored by the Safeguarding Officer who    will

report to the PCC annually.

23.       Any concerns you may have please go to Revd. Richard Westwood - 01543 682236 or if he is not available Anita Brookes - 01543 685764.