1867          Rev'd. Donald Stuart McClean
                   1871          Rev'd. John Montague Seaton.
                   1905          Rev'd George Drury.
                   1919          Rev'd. William Malcolm Graham.
                   1936          Rev'd. Brynmor Rees.
                   1939          Rev'd. Bertram Matthews.
                   1956          Rev'd. John Arthur Turner.
                   1976          Rev'd. Charles William Woods.
                   1981          Rev'd. Michael George Wooderson.
                   1995          Rev'd. Michael Withey.
                   2002         Rev'd. David Ditch.
                   2009         Rev'd. Vivienne Hatton.
                   2015          Rev'd. Richard Westwood.


Tribute to Rev’d Charles William (Bill) Woods. 

Bill was vicar at St Anne’s Church in Chasetown between 1976 and 1981.

Bill began, and ended, his life in Donington Wood, Shropshire.  It was through his membership at St Matthew’s Churcin in Donington Wood that led Bill to offer himself for ordination in the Church of England. 

In 1958 he was ordained, after training at Lichfield Theological College and he served the whole of his ministry in the Diocese of Lichfield.  First as a curate at Hednesford, then as vicar of Wilnecote, Basford and Chasetown befor returning to his native Shropshire as Rector of Donington and vicar of Boningale.
For some years he served the Lord as Rural Dean for the Deanery of Shifnal and also as an honorary chaplain of Lichfield Cathedral.  Bill retired in 1996 to reside in Donington Wood.     

Bill passed away on Saturday 11th March 2017 aged    85   years.  His    funeral   was   held   at  St Matthew’s Church Donington Wood on Tuesday 28th March and his interment was at St Cuthbert’s Churchyard in Donington.

 A final word must go to Bill, a much loved rector and friend, who undertook his ministry with great dedication to his beliefs.

Bill wrote the following, which was preached at St Matthew’s Church on the weekend that he was taken ill:

Names of the Week.
Have you ever wondered why the first day of the week is called Sunday?
It is because the Son of God, Jesus Christ, gave it the name calling it the Day of God’s Son;
Monday is named after the Moon:
One of the interpretations of Wednesday is water;
Thursday after Thor;
Friday after Fria;
and Saturday after Saturn.
People worshipped a different god every day for what it gave them, but Sunday led the way because of the warmth and light that HE gave them!!
And Christians are still worshipping God today.
There’s only one day I haven’t yet found, but I’m still “Tue-ing” on it!!
Bill Woods.