To help God grow His kingdom in Chasetown our vision is that, within 5 years, we will have:-

1.  A church that cares about, and for, each other;
2.  A vibrant children and families ministry;
3.  A diversity of worship opportunities  offered at different times on Sundays and mid-week;
4.  A building that is flexible for worship and community use.

                                                          Always supported with prayer.

 1. An Agreed Vision: We have a vision Statement and a current Mission Action Plan to be
re-viewed on the appointment of a new vicar.
 2. Evidence of Ownership: 
There has been a meeting with the congregation with a presentation
based around 'Going for Growth' and the criteria for Recognition Parish in Shared Responsibility.                                                                          
3.  Partnership:
We hold a series of meetings facilitated by the PCC or Clergy, to which the
laity are invited, so that all parties work together in making significant decisions.  This encourages harmony between clergy and laity which allows us to accept change.
4.  Every Member Ministry:
We are looking towards a Team Ministry.  We have held 'Spiritual Gifts' workshops to help people affirm their skills and they are being encouraged to join Delegated .and Remit teams.

5.  Helpful Structures: Individual groups are working well at the moment,  (Prayer Group, Worship Group, Social Group, Technology Group and Building Team).  Communication between individual groups and with the congregation could be and will be more effective once the new team structure is in place.

6.  A Learning Environment: Attendance at Quiet Days, Diocesan Courses, church Weekends, Enquirer Courses, Lent and Advent Courses is actively encouraged.  This helps individuals and others identify a growing calling which may lead them to authorised ministry.