Until the turn of the 21st century, St Anne's were proud to have a robed choir.  Gradually over the years the numbers became more difficult to maintain and eventually the vicar at that time decided that the robes should be part of the history.  For a while the choir did robe for the Armistice Service but even that has become an item of the past.   Many people are disappointed especially when members of the choir join other choirs at Lichfield Cathedral for training days and St Anne's representatives are not robes like all the other choirs.  Below are some photos of the robed choir  as it was in the 20th century.

1 1947-8.jpg
choir 1947-8.jpg
2  1960's  pic 2.jpg
choir names July 1968.jpg
3  choir 1976.jpg
choir names 1976.jpg
RSCM Tamworth.jpg
4 2002.JPG
Armistice 2015

Armistice 2015